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Hydro-, steam- and thermal insulation of the ice surface.


The ice surface insulation system

An ice field is a complex system needed to be protected against aggressive environments: too high or too low ambient temperature, evaporating, that results in partly ice melting and decrease of ice quality. The most efficient ice rinks today use the system of hydro-, steam- and thermal isolation of the ice field. Technologically that is water/ thermal insulation material with steam insulation film. A heat conductivity factor of the material is less than 0.02.

The ice rink insulation system is very easy in operation and maintenance. It is just rolled out to the ice surface and dismounted after a season.

A part of the insulation system in the residential outdoor ice rinks is a removable cover that can be raised and lowered. The cover is raised to allow access to the ice and can serve mostly as an inside ice rink area. In the lowered position the cover forms a surface similar to a deck attached to external premises and enables the area occupied by the ice rink to be used for other purposes when it is not being used for ice-related activities.

The insulation system enables the ice sheet of a skating rink to be economically established and maintained. On the large ice arenas it could be adapted for indoor using as flooring of any off-rink area.



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