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Piping system of Ice Field 

The most efficiency decision of piping system of the ice field is combining refrigeration and heating piping.


PIPING SYSTEM OF THE ICE FIELD - refrigerating and heating

Refrigerating piping system can be installed under an ice field in two ways:

  1. Refrigerating mats are put directly or on the leveled ground surface. After a winter season the refrigerating mats are rolled up together with collectors and stored in a warehouse.

  2. Piping system consisting of polyethylene pipes PE-100, is placed on the prepared ground surface and then its covered by sand or gravel. This decision is more economical but more labor-consuming because of complex installation and dismounting of system after a season.

Concrete or sand can be used to encase to cooling piping. When sand is used, no reinforcing steel is required and the depth of sand is usually less than the depth of concrete.

Nowadays the most efficiency decision is combing refrigeration and heating piping (ice mats and heat mats). Heat mats are typically used as under-floor frost prevention, dehumidification, hot water production for snow melt pits and ice re-surfacing. Also heat mats are used for making comfortable temperature in the areas nearby an ice field.

The heating piping is contained in sand below the insulation. The temperature of the sand is regulated automatically to ensure there is no frost builds up. The heating piping system is used in the permanent ice rinks with the operation of a whole year.

The rink floor insulation is usually installed in two layers, with the joints being staggered.

Most rinks today use polyethylene thin wall piping for the cooling and heating pipe. Polyethylene material prevents the piping leak that is very important as the leak under the ice field is difficult or impossible to repair.

The piping chairs are used for holding the rink pipes and the reinforcing steel in place while the concrete is being poured. It is important to ensure a sufficient number of chairs are installed to eliminate pipe droop between them.The chairs are flexible in dimension to accommodate different floor designs.



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