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Ice Resurfacers

Ice resurfacing machines designed for treatment of ice surface of small and medium ice rinks and large ice arenas.


An ice resurfacer is a truck-like vehicle used to clean and smooth the surface of an ice rink.

Common characteristics

The heart of an ice resurfacer is the conditioner, a large device dragged behind the vehicle. A large, very sharp blade, similar to those used in industrial paper cutters, shaves the surface off the ice, and an auger in front of the blade sweeps the shavings to the center of the conditioner, where a second auger (or, in early models, a paddle-and-chain conveyor) picks them up.

Behind the blade, wash water is often sprayed on the ice by nozzles at either end of the conditioner; this wash water is confined inside the conditioner by the runners on either end and a rubber squeegee at the rear of the conditioner, and picked up by a vacuum nozzle to be filtered through a screen, and recirculated. This washing process removes any foreign material that might otherwise become embedded in the ice surface. At the rear of the conditioner, a sprinkler pipe wets a cloth towel that lays down clean water to fill the residual grooves and form a new ice surface. Hot water (60C) is frequently used where available because it melts and smoothes the rough top layer to create a flat, smooth ice surface. This water in many rinks is filtered and treated before being heated to remove any residual minerals and chemicals in the water. These chemicals and minerals would otherwise make the ice brittle or soft, give it pungent odors, or make it cloudy.

The rest of the machine exists to support the conditioner. An engine or electric motor provides propulsion (four-wheel drive with carbide-tipped tire studs) and hydraulic power. The main tank holds clean water for making new ice. The wash tank holds a supply of water for the optional wash function. The dump tank holds the shaved ice picked up by the augers. The conditioner and dump tank are raised and lowered by hydraulic lifts, while the augers are powered by hydraulic motors.

Most ice resurfacers run on natural gas, propane or electric power, or less commonly on gasoline.

Many ice resurfacers are fitted with a board brush, a rotary brush powered by a hydraulic motor, extended and retracted on the left side of the machine on a hydraulic arm. The brush sweeps accumulated bits of loose ice along the kick plates below the dasher boards of the rink into the conditioner. The use of a board brush can dramatically reduce the need for edging of the rink.

Ice edger

The ice around the edges has a tendency to build up as the conditioner blade does not fully extend to the outer edges of the conditioner and it is unwise to "ride" (drive while touching) the dasherboards. An ice edger, a device similar to a rotary lawn mower, is used to cut down the edges of the ice surface that the ice resurfacer cannot cut. An ice edger does not alleviate ice that has an overall bowl or mushroom shape.

A new edging system was introduced in 2000, the Continuous Edging System (Conti-Edger). It integrates edging into the normal process of ice-resurfacing, by mounting a secondary pneumatically controlled blade on the side of the ice resurfacer, similar to the main blade.

Ice resurfacing technology continues to advance. Laser-guided systems that automatically adjust the conditioner's cutting blade and the Fast Ice system, which uses mist instead of water and a towel, are available today.

WM Group is an official exclusive dealer of Italian WM company the leading ice resurfacers manufacture in Europe. All WM ice resurfacers have very user-friendly structural design and low energy consumption.

WM 1700 MINI

The WM 1700 Mini ice resurfacing machine was created specifically for the ice treatment in the small and medium-sized ice rinks (usually outdoor or backyard ice fields).

The machine is equipped with a hydraulic drive system (4 x 4) which is extremely easy to use thanks to its user-friendly planning. All the operating functions are powered hydraulically and can be comfortably controlled from the driver's seat.

  • Drivers cabin has a fine visibility from all working positions the necessary condition for the optimum performance of the machine.
  • Tank for water and snow is made of stainless steel that guarantees long-term use. The Teflon covering of the tank for snow provides easy sliding of snow.
  • Engine. Low fuel charge of the diesel engine results in extremely low issue. Due to ball cowl the access to the engine is very convenient.
  • Hydraulic brush is set on a rotary folding mechanism and used for carefully treatment the ice surface.


MotorMitsubishi S3L2 Diesel
Power 17,5 kW (23 ls)
Driving mode 4x4 hydraulic drive mode
Operating rpm 65 Nm 2000 rpm/min
Weight 1550 kg with planning system
Water tank 550 l
Snow bin 1,8 m³
Turning radius 3750 mm
Fuel tank 27 l
Consumion 2,5 l/h
Planning width 1700 mm
Length 3100 mm
Width 1780 mm
Height 1750 mm


The WM 2070 Junior machine has been developed to satisfy the advanced standards of modern ice rinks. This ice resurfacers series are typically used for professional ice field that must always be perfectly smooth.

  • The machine has a hydraulic drive system (4 x 4) and is extremely easy to maneuver thanks to its simple construction. All operative functions are actuated hydraulically and can be easily controlled from the driving seat.
  • The controls on machine WM 2070 JUNIOR easily visible in the control cabin (fig. 4) and are to the operator's right, under his hand. All operations can be put into practice from the driver's seat.
  • The machine has 2 screw conveyors fitted (vertical and horizontal carriage). The screws are used to carry the cut snow to the snow bin.
  • Edge shaper has a function to treat the ice surface near the rink edges. The depth of cutting of the edge shaper can be adjusted from the driving seat automatically.
  • Propane Gas System (optional) is available so that the engine can be converted to propane using that means that the machine can be run on either petrol or propane gas.
  • Whiteman is the accessory device for drawing on the ice surface.
  • Washing system (optional) is used to eliminate frozen snow or ice. The system is arranged for washing the snow holder, the wheels, or the screws (carriage). Washing System for the Ice is used when it is necessary to clean the ice thoroughly, and it also allows the ice to be planed more quickly especially if there are deep scratches in it.
  • Tanks made of stainless steel - snow bin capacity: 3,4 m, water tank capacity: 900 l (optional 1480) with proportional water injection.


Total length4200mm4200mm4200mm
Total height2170mm2170mm2170mm
Total width2150mm2150mm2150mm
U-turn radius4500mm4500mm4500mm
MotorDOHC 420VMD703LTECurrency 96V
Effect80 kW (109 ls)46 kW (62,5 ls)23,5 kW (mechn.)
Effective Rower174 Nm 3000206 Nm 1600166 Nm 1360
Weight2850 kg2850 kg4850kg
Water tank900 l900 l900 l
Snow bin3,4 m33,4 m33,4 m3
Fuel tank67 l67 l
ConsumptionApprox. 7 l/hApprox. 6 l/h25/45Ah
Accumulator capacity380V-150A
Charging deviceAdditional 380V-150A


The new generation ice resurfacer WM Evolution is the latest working up in the field of equipment for ice care. WM Evolution was developed especially for modern ice rinks with high quality standards.

The definite advantages of WM Evolution machine are:

  • Remote diagnostic through Internet;
  • Adjusting on height of a driver sitting;
  • Graphic color display;
  • New conception of control that allows improving a traction division;
  • Powerful motor with low level consumption;
  • The optimized cooling of hydraulic oil by application of various pumps;
  • Horizontal regulation of the blades for deeper processing of the ice surface edge by the dashboards;

  • Quick-mind system of replacement of the blades;
  • The modernized system for uniform distribution of water, including on a rough surface;
  • Proportional dosing of water by means of the adjustable pump;
  • Optimized edge sharpener;
  • New design and color presentation;
  • The spacious warmed driver cabin with heating of a windscreen;
  • Low noise level;
  • Comfortable and accessible control system.


Petrol Diesel
MotorFord LPR 425 EFIWM 704 TE 2
Power108 kW/ 147 horse power61 kW/ 83 horse power
Driving mode198 2500 rpm/min290 1400 rpm/min
Weight3700 kg3750 kg
Water tank1450 l1450 l
Snow bin3,5 m33,5 m3
Fuel tank52 l52 l
Consumption7 l/h6 l/h
Volume (tank for gas propane)27 l+ 27 l
Volume (tank for gas methane)60 l + 60 l
Turning radius4500 mm4500 mm
Planning width2300 mm2300 mm
Length4200 mm4200 mm
Width2400 mm2400 mm
Height2600 mm2600 mm



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