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Revolution in the ice rinks installation - quick-to-install and energy efficient technology.



Ice mats are the revolution in ice rinks installation. That is quick-to-install and energy efficient technology with over 30-years old history of successful ice rinks installations worldwide.

Ice mats are simply rolled out like a carpet on the prepared surface and connected to the main supply tubes. An ice rink or arena can be installed by two persons for a few hours without any tool.

Ice mats can be installed on any surface which must be leveled with compacted sand or by a platform or stage. The tubing system is rolled out onto the field, the refrigeration system connected to the tubing filled with the ecological coolant liquid. Circulating through the system is provided by a pump.

In a few hours water sprayed directly on ice mats directly is frozen, that provides excellent quality of ice and energy saving up to 20% - 50%. Ice mats are much lighter and cheaper than a concrete plate, they could be mounted on any flat surface with overfall no more than 20mm. Modern isolation materials prevent of frozen down and provide hydro isolation of ice mats.

The certain advantages of ice mats are:

  • The heat transfer needed to maintain the ice temperature is significantly reduced due to close space of each tube;
  • The smaller diameter of each tube Ц the lower pump power;
  • Minimum labor on the site;
  • Minimum installation time;
  • Installation failed concrete or sand floors.

It results in a lower total energy costs and assures the obvious financial benefit. The ice mats are the perfect choice for the permanent ice rinks building technologies of XXI century.



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