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About cooling modules or cooling aggregates with or without heat recuperation.



The mid- and large-sized ice rinks and arenas are the complex climate systems. The most important source of cool performance, the heart of ice rink is the chiller. Mostly the chiller is the most powerful and the most expensive aggregate in a system of air conditioning and air ventilation.

Chiller consisting of a tubular header for location alongside an ice rink and beneath the ice level. The chiller is divided into three vertically arranged longitudinal chambers having connectors for ice forming pipes which extend beneath the rink. Refrigerant conduction piping extends longitudinally through the chiller and connections are provided for a circulation pump to circulate the chilling medium within the header. The chilling medium being circulated through the header and ice forming pipes is chilled by heat exchange with the refrigerant carried by the refrigerant conduction piping from a refrigeration unit connected thereto.

Fully Chilled water is used to cool and dehumidify air in mid- to large-size ice rinks and arenas. Most chillers are designed for indoor operation, but a few are weather-resistant. Chillers are precision machines that are quit expensive to purchase and operate, so great care is needed in their selection and maintenance.

There are the chillers working only on cooling (units without heat recuperation) and also the chillers capable to work in a thermal pump mode (units with heat recuperation).

Since 2003 WM Group is an official exclusive dealer of the Italian Climaveneta company, which is involved in the international De Longhi group on questions of building and exploitation of ice rinks, air conditioning and climatization in the premises. Climaveneta company is well-known on the international market as a manufacturer of cooling aggregates with wide range of application due to cooling performance from 18 to 2300 kW; besides, it is the only one company in Europe manufacturing chillers and heat pumps with power less than 280 kW working on endothermic motors.

Chiller can be a monoblock be connected to the external condenser. In this case the chiller is the internal block of the conditioner, and the remote condenser is the external block. The compressor (one or several) is always in the block of the chiller. There are no limits for chillers: they can serve any premises - from ice rinks to huge industrial buildings.



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