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Auxiliary Equipment for Ice Arenas

Tourniquets, Telescopic tribunes, Electronic informative score-board, Ice rink liners, Ice rink Lighting System.


Auxiliary Equipment for Ice Arenas

WM Group provides the ice rinks with all needed accessories from the world leading manufactures:

auxiliary and peripheral equipment and accessories for ice arenas (tourniquets, Telescopic tribunes, Electronic informative score-board, Ice rink liners, Ice rink Lighting System).

Telescopic tribunes allow using the area of ice stadium, sports arena or concert hall economically and rationally. The steady and convenient design for hundreds and thousand spectators sized from 1200 up to 1700 mm when it is assembled.

The modular design of the telescopic tribunes can be combined with stationary tribunes, thus tribunes can be pulled forward by half with an opportunity of moving in the assembled position.

Pulling out and assembly of telescopic tribunes can be manual and mechanized (in sections where there are more than five telescopic modules).

Electronic informative score-board is a one-or multi-colored graphic display. Bright light-emitting diodes of symbols. Fine readership from all directions, the matte screen excludes reflection with a corner of visibility of 160 degrees. Fast and easy installation, simple operation, automatic search and representation of malfunctions. Translation of video recording and direct shooting during a match or a concert.


One of the newest decisions of the access is widely applied in the aqua parks, on the ski lifts, etc. where access is supervised by the electronic equipment. The enter system consists of a turnstile located nearby an access gate, and a system of video observation which deduces on the monitor video recording of visitors.

Such system controlled by the computer allows presence of one person only for control of the monitor that considerably simplifies traditional supervision of the ice rink and prevents the mistakes arising at traditional tickets system.

Ice rink liners are made with high quality poly tarp material. Liners are set around the ice rink perimeter in order to keep the whole construction of the rink without any leaks. Ice liners could be used more than just one season on a backyard or a portable ice rink.

Ice rink Lighting System for any size ice fields: from small ice rinks to large professional hockey arenas.



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