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Multi-functional Flooring

Special blocks with different thickness and density using to transform the ice field into a football field or a concert platform without expensive process of thawing.


Multifunctional ice flooring

Multifunctional ice flooring consists of blocks with a connecting system which guarantees multi-functional using of ice fields. That is a special sheet with variations in colour, thickness and density that easy and without special mechanisms put directly on the ice surface. It doesnt need the expensive process of ice thawing to transform the ice field into a football field or a concert platform. Mounting or demounting of multifunctional ice flooring on a standard ice rink takes only an hour and a half.

A high density polyethylene casing filled in foam-polyurethane provides protective insulating. Connections are executed without cracks and holes that excludes cold outflow and, as consequence, the ice thawing, temperature drop in the recreational premises, prevents increasing of the power consumption. The definite characteristics make the multifunctional ice flooring indispensable:

  • Good insulation factor;
  • Speed and ease of install and removal;
  • No specialised equipment needed;
  • Long lifespan;
  • Bears the weight of forklift trucks;
  • Interlocking system with no gaps;
  • Minimum shrinkage;
  • Quick and easy to clean using a rotary scrubbing machine;
  • Easy to store;
  • Good interior looking;
  • Reasonable price.

Multifunctional ice flooring has been designed and developed for public and private use. It is utilized indoors or outdoors, that makes the whole conception of the ice rinks and arenas different and special. This gives you the ability to be increase the ice field utilization and thereby its profitability.





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