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Accessories for Ice Skating and Hockey

Accessories for skating and hockey produced by #1 company in the world.


Accessories for Ice Skating and Hockey

WM Group provides the ice rinks with all needed accessories from the world leading manufactures:

accessories for skating and hockey (dryer for skates, skate sharpener, figure and hockey skates, a protective netting, goalkeeper gates, field marks, markers of hockey field)

Portable skate sharpening tool is very precise, easy to use and has been tested and proven at the professional level. It is fast - only takes minutes to maintain sharp skates; convenient - can be used anywhere, anytime; the Team Skate Sharpening Set allows your hockey team to sharpen the hockey skate blades with different widths. Working out the blades is made by special grindstone.

Dryer for skates (with disinfection ozone lamps) made of stainless steel is able to dry of 20, 30, 40 or 60 pairs of skates simultaneously.

Under the regulation of hockey competitions and according to requirements of International Hockey Federation IIHF the spectators should be defended from ice field by the protective netting over Plexiglas. Color and size of the protective rack depends on operational features of the ice arena, type of the dashboard, and height of glazing.

Perimeter netting is widely used for open seasonal rinks which are transformed into football or baseball field in summer. 8' high and 24' long backstop netting is perfect for stopping high and wide shot pucks and saving the glass. The nets are made with 3mm strands, spaced at 7/8" to guarantee the pucks don't get through. With the tight 7/8" spacing they can also be used for golf balls or a backstop for baseball playing.

Goalkeeper gates are available either for small backyard ice rinks or for large ice arena for professional hockey. Heavy or Light Duty Goal Net can be disassembled for easy compact storage.

NHL style Hockey Goal Frames are welded NHL style goal frame with rounded back constructed steel pipe complete with NHL style heavy duty knotless netting. Practice Hockey Goal Frames are practice goal frames with squared back constructed welded steel pipe complete with heavy duty knotless netting.

Ice color markers for painting the ice surface with different colors or in a brilliant white and for sponsor logos and advertising on the ice for events and professional ice hockey competitions.

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